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Meeting with the Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel: "G-D Will Pay You":

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

We were so honored to be invited to the Ethiopian Embassy today in Tel Aviv to meet the new Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel, Tesfaye Yetayeh Anteneh.

After discussing how we can expand our Eyecare in Ethiopia and establish connections with the Health Minister to further our activities, the Ambassador expressed his sincere appreciation for our work saying that Operation Ethiopia truly "helps the helpless."

He then taught us the saying "G-D will pay you." "The people you treat are so poor, they cannot THANK YOU with money. But they are a RELIGIOUS PEOPLE and they believe that G-D WILL GIVE YOU YOUR REWARD, and that is the highest form of payment. So they say 'G-D will pay you.' When you give them back their EYESIGHT it is EVERYTHING, when you treat their problems, it helps so much."

We were inspired by Ambassador Tesfaye Yetayeh Anteneh's words as we prepare to leave for our medical mission in 6 days!

Dr. Morris and Elisa Hartstein Ethiopian Embassy in Tel Aviv

Dr. Morris Hartstein at the Ethiopian Embassy in Tel Aviv

Operation Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel

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