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Breaking new Records - Our Most Impactful Medical Mission to-date!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Operation Ethiopia has reached NEW LEVELS of effectiveness! We just returned from our most IMPACTFUL medical mission to date with 13 incredible volunteers! We've expanded and scaled our mobile eye clinics by bringing more eye doctors, optometrists, and purchasing medical screening devices for the field. We have an effective and efficient model for reaching and treating patients living in rural areas without access to eyecare and surgeries.

In parallel to our mobile eyecare clinics we launched a brand NEW First Aid course developed specifically for the Jewish community in Gondar where no emergency services exist, AND we funded and ran a cataract campaign that literally restored eyesight to hundreds of people!

Over one week we performed 488 sight-restoring eye surgeries
Cataract Campaign, Dabat, Ethiopia

While the final tallies and stats are presented here, this is still not the FULL STORY.

Because behind EACH NUMBER PATIENT is an individual and a life and a circumstance - whether someone who was blind for years who regained eyesight, or someone who suffered a chronic condition but lacked medication, or the blind 92 year-old man who came to our cataract campaign via horse over two hours (he had the cataract surgery and can now see again!), each number below represents a life changed by our work.


1,400 Eyecare patients treated in Azzezo, Tedda, Kola Diba, and the Gondar Jewish Compound

488 sight-restoring surgeries performed (cataract and TT)

7 Youth in the Gondar Jewish compound trained as First Aid teachers and in CPR

575 pairs of eyeglasses distributed

999 units of eye medications distributed

55 kilo of clothing donated to the Jewish community

80 medical students trained in CPR

4 complex oculoplastic surgeries performed

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