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Providing Medical Eyecare to over 900 Patients During a 4-day Mission to Ethiopia

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

We just returned from our first medical mission to Ethiopia since Covid - and we did not waste a single minute! Working tirelessly over four days with five volunteers from Israel and five local youth from the Jewish compound in Gondar, we ran mobile eye clinics in three different locations: the Jewish compound in Gondar, the village of Azzezo, and Kola Diba.

We examined and treated over 900 patients, distributed 400 pairs of eyeglasses, dispensed 350+ units of medication, identified 150+ cases of advanced cataracts, and diagnosed other eye disorders for follow up. The medications we handed out provided IMMEDIATE RELIEF to those with chronic and severe eye allergies, painful dry eye, and sight threatening eye infections. We gratefully appreciate generous donations of eyeglasses from Restoring Vision and of medications from Midetek, and Bayer Israel!

Something unique about Operation Ethiopia is that we have our own system for setting up a mobile clinic in any location. We bring our equipment, medication and supplies with us and set up in a local structure for a few hours or for a day. This enables us to reach people in remote areas who are not near medical centers and do not otherwise have access to care.

We are glad that Covid travel restrictions as well as the Ethiopian civil war have calmed enough for us to resume our mission trips.

Operation Ethiopia Mobile Medical Clinic
Dr. Morris Hartstein of Operation Ethiopia treating eye patients in Azezzo, Ethiopia

Operation Ethiopia Mobile eye clinic
Operation Ethiopia mobile eyecare clinic in Azezzo

Providing Eyecare from Israel in the Jewish Compound of Gondar
Dr. Morris Hartstein performing Eyecare Check ups in the Jewish Compound in Gondar

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