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  • Operation Ethiopia

Restoring the Eyesight of 524 People in Maksegnit, Ethiopia

Operation Ethiopia conducted a Cataract Campaign in Maksegnit, Ethiopia, a village 40km outside of Gondar. Untreated Cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness in Ethiopia, where 1% of the population is blind. People do not get the needed surgery due to both lack of funds and lack of access to medical care/hospitals. To make the surgery accessible to people in remote areas, we went out to a village to conduct our campaign, which took place over six days.

We worked with HCP Cureblindness and University of Gondar Tertiary Eye Center and in the weeks leading up spread word in the villages, screened hundreds of patients for surgery, and set up the equipment for a mobile Operating Room. Surgeries took place all day for six days, with multiple doctors working at a time, and we are thrilled to report that 405 Cataract surgeries and 119 Trachoma lid surgeries were performed, literally restoring patients' eyesight. This campaign was generously funded with a grant from The Dear Foundation.

On this same medical mission to Ethiopia our team from Israel led by Dr. Morris Hartstein provided primary Eyecare through our Mobile Eyecare Clinics in both Azzezo and in the Gondar Jewish Compound. We also funded donations to internal refugees (widows and orphans) from the Ethiopian Civil War. We will report on both of these efforts in the coming days - so stay tuned.


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