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Treating Hundreds of Patients in the Field in Ethiopia

This past week we treated hundreds of patients at our On-Site Eyecare Clinics in the Ethiopian villages of Taddeh, Azzezo, Kola Diba, and in the Jewish Community of Gondar.

We checked eyesight for near and far-sightedness, distributed hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses donated through our valued partner Restoring Vision, distributed eye medications to patients with eye infections, severe allergies, dry eye, and more. Patients who we found with dense cataracts we sent to our Cataract Campaign in Gondar University Hospital that is going on this week - stay tuned for more about that in an upcoming post.

What is unique about our On-site clinics is that we bring all of our own equipment and can set up anywhere - literally in the field, or in whatever indoor space they have. This enables us to come TO THE PATIENTS, and reach people who otherwise have no means or access to medical care.

Our On-site Eyecare clinics are a key part of our mission to to provide quality Eyecare, including treatment for and prevention of blindness and eye disease to poor people in Ethiopia.

Operation Ethiopia On-Site Eyecare clinic in Taddeh Ethiopia
Checking Vision in Taddeh Ethiopia
Operation Ethiopia treating Eyecare patients in the field in Taddeh, Ethiopia
Distributing Medications to Patients in the Field in Taddeh, Ethiopia

Operation Ethiopia triaging eyecare patients in Taddeh, Ethiopia
Dr. Morris Hartstein and Translator Getu Triaging Eyecare Patients in Taddeh, Ethiopia

Checking vision screening in Operation Ethiopia's on-site Eyecare clinic in Taddeh, Ethiopia
Checking Vision in Operation Ethiopia's On-site Eyecare Clinic in Taddeh, Ethiopia

Operation Ethiopia treats hundreds of Eyecare patients in Taddeh, Ethiopia
Patients Waiting for Eye Exams in Taddeh, Ethiopia

Young patients waiting for Eyecare in Taddeh, Ethiopia
All Smiles in Taddeh, Ethiopia


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