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Feeding the Children Despite Rising Food Costs in Ethiopia

The prices of food in Ethiopia escalated dramatically in 2021. Despite this, with your help and support we and SSEJ continue to feed 500 severely malnourished children aged 5 and under, and 200 nursing mothers two stable meals, five days a week, in the Gondar Jewish compound.

The meals include eggs, potatoes, bread, bananas and milk, the prices of which are from 40% - 80% more expensive today than eight months ago. Many factors are contributing to sharply rising food prices in Ethiopia including the ongoing civil war, Covid which makes transporting and delivering provisions difficult, drought, and even swarms of locusts which have damaged crops.

The children in the feeding program are monitored by a nurse, who charts height, weight, and tracks overall physical and emotional health. The positive impact of the feeding program continues to be significant, with growth improvements, fewer sick days, and overall healthier behavior. The supervising nurse reports "overall they [kids] would previously sit on the ground listlessly, and are now acting like children should, and playing, running around, and exhibiting curiosity about the world around them."

This feeding program is a lifeline for these kids, as severe malnutrition can have lifelong negative impact cognitive and social development.

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